The Birth Poster

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I cannot believe a year ago, I was eating so much pineapple my tongue was raw, walking laps in my backyard until I couldn’t take the heat, and going to acupuncture a few times a week to make sure my son didn’t overstay his welcome. But, here we are,  days before Bash’s birthday and I am shocked every day to think I was carrying him a year ago. This new addition to our home is a unique snapshot of such a precious moment.  The Birth Poster is a customizable 1:1 scale, piece of art of your baby at the moment of its birth. It’s incredible to look at this beautifully done artwork of him from his birth date with him. There are different sketch styles and positions of the baby. We selected the continuous line design with a position that we find Bash in often as he sleeps.

We have added this piece to Bash’s bathroom, where he loves to point and talk to it. He loves seeing its reflection in the mirror as we get ready for bed. 

The Birth Poster is based in Stockholm, Sweden and was started in 2013 by a married couple, Evelina and Gustav Westman. Evelina gave birth to her second child, Ulf,  earlier this year and they have a 2-year old, Uno.  Gustav is an award-winning Art Director and Evelina is a passionate illustrator, so it was a natural collaboration and how The Birth Poster came to be. It has become a success in over 95 countries and has been featured in many of our favorite blogs such as Elle Decor,, Anine Bing, and Apartment Therapy. In celebration of Sebastian’s birthday, get 15% off with code: dblankstyle15

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