Mama, Make your Mark with Poshmark

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Mama, congratulations! You just found out you are expecting or you are halfway through your pregnancy and you are dreading the idea of having to schvitz through a hot and sticky summer. And now, you may find yourself wondering how the hell you are going to try to squeeze your engorged… well, everything, into something without feeling uncomfortable. Then the thought of spending a paycheck on some items that you will only wear for a few months and most likely not feel that great in while wearing them can make this part of being pregnant less attractive. So, let’s kill a few birds with one stone. Shall we?

Poshmark is a downloadable app that makes buying and selling new, like-new, and gently used items hassle-free. If you are looking for items to purchase you can search by categories like, “Maternity”, and narrow your search by subcategories and filter by “New With Tag”, “Size”, “Designer”, “Color”, “Garment”, etc. I have selected some items that are currently available in a number of “closets”. All items are “New With Tag”, aka “NWT” and you will find that they are significantly discounted. *A pro tip when shopping on Poshmark: if you find an item that you like, browse the closet and see if there are other items you want to purchase. You can “bundle” items and the owner of the closet will most likely extend a discount. You will also save on shipping. When you purchase from multiple closets or make multiple purchases from the same closet, you will pay separate shipping costs, so it is ideal to consolidate your purchases when possible. Ready to give it a try? Download it here and use “DBLANKSTYLE” to get a $10 credit toward your first purchase.  

If you are interested in posting items to sell, it is quite simple. You want to take clear, well-lit images of the items and give a detailed description including any flaws or alterations that have been done to the garment. Once you sell an item you are able to use the funds to purchase items on the app or withdrawn funds.

By now, you may have started to realize how much I enjoy making the most out of what you already have in your closet or better yet, how to make other people’s clothing supplement what you already have. In case, you missed my previous post, you can read more about how I use the clothing subscription, Le Tote, to spruce up my wardrobe and how you can get your own two weeks for free here. (You can try out their maternity selection!)

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The Birth Poster

dblankstyle 8-665x435 The Birth Poster Lifestyle Parenting  The Birth Poster Promotion Decor

I cannot believe a year ago, I was eating so much pineapple my tongue was raw, walking laps in my backyard until I couldn’t take the heat, and going to acupuncture a few times a week to make sure my son didn’t overstay his welcome. But, here we are,  days before Bash’s birthday and I am shocked every day to think I was carrying him a year ago. This new addition to our home is a unique snapshot of such a precious moment.  The Birth Poster is a customizable 1:1 scale, piece of art of your baby at the moment of its birth. It’s incredible to look at this beautifully done artwork of him from his birth date with him. There are different sketch styles and positions of the baby. We selected the continuous line design with a position that we find Bash in often as he sleeps.

We have added this piece to Bash’s bathroom, where he loves to point and talk to it. He loves seeing its reflection in the mirror as we get ready for bed. 

The Birth Poster is based in Stockholm, Sweden and was started in 2013 by a married couple, Evelina and Gustav Westman. Evelina gave birth to her second child, Ulf,  earlier this year and they have a 2-year old, Uno.  Gustav is an award-winning Art Director and Evelina is a passionate illustrator, so it was a natural collaboration and how The Birth Poster came to be. It has become a success in over 95 countries and has been featured in many of our favorite blogs such as Elle Decor,, Anine Bing, and Apartment Therapy. In celebration of Sebastian’s birthday, get 15% off with code: dblankstyle15

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Le Tote: Try an Outfit on Me for Free

dblankstyle le-tote-665x435 Le Tote: Try an Outfit on Me for Free Fashion  Sustainable Promotion Maternity Fashion

I am a huge fan of sustainability and simplicity. So, I believe renting clothing is genius. I have used Le Tote on and off since 2015. It is a great way to supplement your wardrobe with trendy or seasonal items that you may not want to invest in. I originally used it when I lived in New York and winter months drug on. As we all know, heavy knits and jackets can get costly and it can get pretty boring to wear the same items over seven, eight, or even nine dreary months. So, a service like this can help spice up your closet for a fraction of the price. 

Another great option is to use their service during your pregnancy and the months after while you transition into your postpartum shape. We all know how hard it can be to purchase clothing while our bodies are constantly changing during these times. So, why commit to items that we most likely don’t care for or properly fit into for more than a month anyway? And, let’s not forget that maternity clothes are not cheap. 

Le Tote is a month-to-month subscription that allows you to turn it on and off when you what to use it and you can choose how many pieces you may want that month and if you want accessories or not. I am currently not receiving accessories because jewelry is considered torture devices in my house thanks to my little guy.  So, I want to hook you ladies up with a FREE TOTE! You can click here to try them out and receive  3 clothing items and 2 accessories for 14-days  for FREE! 

If you guys want to sign up for the subscription, you can get another great discount with the former Ebates, Rakuten. Right now, they are offering $25 off! Now, I would say it is totally worth it. 

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