To Post or Not to Post

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I have been struggling with the idea of compiling some information and thoughts about a few different brands and topics for the last two weeks just to meet my personal “weekly post” goal. Last week, I missed it. I have committed myself to three different “entrepreneur coaching programs” that include over 30 courses which mean hours upon hours of modules. So, finding the time to apply what I am learning while staying active on social, creating content, posting on social and my blog, and being a full-time stay-at-home mom means you will have to bear with me as there will be gaps in my posts. Not because I already flaked, but because I am actually investing in how to actually make it something worth sustaining. 

F’ It. I will post when I have quality content for you.

Having multiple coaches is interesting because one coach preaches, “Only Post Quality,” while another bleeds, “Consistency is Key!,”  but across the board, all three coaching programs repeat over and over again, “Remember, No Matter What, You are the Boss!” So you know what. F’ It. I will post when I have quality content for you. Do I want it to be as consistent as weekly, yes? Hell, I would like it to be more frequent than that, one day. But, who am I kidding? This is so new, I am happy to have some things in my reserves already. I just want to make sure I present it with all the right tool in place before I continue to pump things out into the great abyss. 

I got you covered. I think you will be happy with what I will be hooking you up with.

So, to those of you that are still with me. Thank you. Please hang in there. I promise it will be worth it. I got you covered. I think you will be happy with what I will be hooking you up with. Also, please feel free to reach me with any comments, topics, or concerns you may have with pregnancy or postpartum styling or wellness issues you may have. I would love to help address them for you and connect you with any resources I may have. 

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New Beginnings

Spring is here, once again, and quickly rolling into summer and I find myself faced with the decision to start or I could say– restart blogging. But, this time my focus is much more scattered since, like my life, it is much more of a three-ringed circus with a lead performer and several rotating acts that get a chance at the spotlight. I guess I would consider myself the Mistress of Ceremonies.

To give you a little background, for those who may not know me.  First off, WELCOME!, thank you for taking the time to get to know me. Originally, I am a born and bred, small-town Texas girl who had a big dream of moving to the big city of New York. So, I got my degree in Fashion Merchandising and Marketing at The University of the Incarnate Word in San Antonio, Texas. And, as soon as I graduated I couldn’t get out of Texas fast enough. I got, what I thought was my dream job working for my idol, Vera Wang. I worked at the Bridesmaids division. The stories I could tell… But, I’ll leave that for another time. Over the next twelve years, I worked with some pretty amazing people and had some once-in-a-lifetime experiences. I worked for a chic, but grounded couple that met in line at Studio 54, some celebrity stylists on a variety of projects from television pilots to styling NYC socialites. My husband, Chris, and I even gave running our own custom menswear line a shot before it became so mainstream. Regardless,  I love to see that it has become something that is so accessible. A well-fitted garment on anyone makes all the difference. And, throughout the years, I have worked with private personal styling clients and fashion-tech startups such as; Keaton Row, Share Some Style, and Snap+Style.

Fast-forward to today, I am a stay-at-home mama to our circus’ ring leader, Sebastian but more appropriately called “Bash,” with an infectious smile and an appetite of a pre-teen. I never thought out of all the jobs I may have had in my life that this would be my favorite. I actually wake up every day excited “to get to work” and steal several hugs and kisses as I pull him out of his crib. To be greeted with his partially gummy and gnarly-toothed mouth sends my serotonin levels through the roof. As the saying goes, it is unlike any other kind of love and there is no way to explain, you just have to experience it. I am so glad I am getting to experience it with Chris and our first baby, Dexter. Well, he’s our furbaby, but still our first. He definitely still gets plenty of the spotlight in this circus. Dexter is a rescue pit bull mix that made the move from Long Island, New York to Austin, Texas with us last February. He has adjusted to the longer days, warmer winters, a larger home, and his own backyard just swimmingly. He loves Bash like he is his own.

So, getting back to why I am here, why you should even care, or what to expect from another blog from another “mom blogger”. Over the years, I have created a loyal following that still seems to want to hear from me even though I have stepped back from working with clients at this time. This will be a little more of a “lifestyle” journey and one that I am hoping to tweak along the way based on things you may want to see or hear more of. I am really hoping this will be a mutually beneficial platform where I can extend any resources I may have to you and you with me. And, believe me, I love to learn from others especially anyone that has gone through the same thing, i.e. Wonder Weeks, how to make your nail polish on your right-hand look as good as your left, easy recipes, and the list goes on. 

*Disclaimer: I received my B.A. in Fashion, so cut me a break when it comes to grammar. I write how I speak. So, hopefully, this will feel more conversational than a boring essay.

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