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Snap+Style is the only app where you can get personal styling advice from professional stylists. Just for you. Anytime. Anywhere.

In-Home Personal Styling Services Available


Closet Audit: A 3-hour personal assessment and recommendations for your current wardrobe, suggestions for coordinated looks and essential wardrobe pieces to shop for.

Closet Audit Look Book: A personalize digital style guide comprised of images of styling options with “how-to” annotations to assist you to create countless combinations that you learned about during your Closet Audit appointment. 

Styling Session: Time focused on styling multiple looks with pieces within your wardrobe. Images are taken during these sessions to create personalized look books.

Shopping Session: You have never shopped like this before, allow me to take the daunting task of selecting the items from your shopping list and preparing a dressing room for you before you arrive. Shopping trips are up to 3 hours.

Closet Look Book: An eBook featuring images and annotated suggestions for the key pieces and accessories styled during the closet audit. Easy online access with a private URL linking to your new looks.

Overhauled Wardrobe Lookbook: Includes images from Styling Session and styled looks of newly overhauled wardrobe. Easy online access with a private URL linking to your new looks.

Shopping List Look Book: This eBook showcases key wardrobe pieces and accessories to shop for. Easy online access with a private URL linking to your new looks.

Shoppable Replenish Look Book: These eBook showcases items needed to complete a more versatile wardrobe that we were unable able to shop for together. Effortless shopping to create a stress-free purchasing process.

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What Clients Are Saying

Don’t take our word for it, let her clients do the talking!

“I felt like I had a lot of clothes, but nothing to wear. (I’m a guy, middle age, professional). So I asked Donna to do a Closet Audit with me. She spent a few hours having me try on things, checking the fit, condition, etc. It was fun and I learned a lot from her. She was diplomatic, but also direct on some pieces (“You CANNOT wear that ! Promise me you won’t”). Punctual, good followup. Everything was what I expected/hoped. Next step: shopping!”

Dave P.

The Overhaul Client, Thumbtack

“Donna came in and really helped me realize how much “baggage” I was holding on to. I feel cleansed and renewed! Like Yoga! :)”

Elizabeth D.

The Overhaul, Share Some Style

“Donna was just wonderful! I explained , that I wanted to look stylish and put together. At 55 ,5ft 3in, and plump, I needed help . The closet audit was the sign of a new beginning. Getting rid of clothes that did not fit, were dated, not flattering to my shape, felt wonderful. Donna went over what types of clothes that would work for my body type. Length of jacket, blouse neckline for my bust type, what prints would work, color combinations, and the appropriate shoes. She put together outfits and combinations with what I had left, and organized my closet. I was stylish and felt great. Donna was efficient and inspiring . I would highly recommend her services.”

Anna S

Closet Audit, Client Referral

“Donna was very nice and encouraging person to talk to.
She makes you feel cared for and ready to help in any way possible within her reach.
this was something I never expected out of a stylist.
Superb, keep it up”

Pramila G.

Style Crash Course Client, Client Referral

“I never considered that I’d be a candidate for “styling.” Never thought it could fit into my budget/could be affordable, and my closet was such a varied mess that I didn’t even think there were pieces that could be put together! But Donna arrived, and worked some kind of crazy wardrobe magic in a matter of only hours. She was quick to help me edit pieces out and make the most of what we decided I should keep. She also focused on helping me really understand her techniques, teaching me styling methods using color, proportions etc which I really appreciated. She gave me confidence that creating a personal style is possible. And her fast, thorough follow-up w/ a personal lookbook and tons of further suggestions is invaluable. I’m so much more excited about my closet which is much more pared-down and organized thanks to Donna; she’s the best stylist I could have ever found. What luck! Can’t thank her enough and can’t wait to see her again.”

Joanna J.

Style Crash Course Client, Share Some Style

“What I really like is that Donna has a sense of humor along with her sense of style to make what could be an awkward, stressful situation fun and easy.”

Cindy G.

The Overhaul Client, Share Some Style

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your typical client like?

I work with a variety of people in different settings. The common denominator is that all clients desire to make a transformation, whether it’s dressing for the office, a special occasion or a complete lifestyle change. Males and females ages 20 to 70 can benefit from having a personal fashion stylist.

How long will a session take?

It depends largely on what service Donna will be assisting you with She designed each of her style packages based on the desired outcome and goals of her clients.

If we do a closet audit, will you throw all my clothes away?

No! Certainly, a closet audit is about making changes, but it’s not about starting from scratch. Donna will help you rediscover some hidden gems you have pushed to the back or completely forgotten. Perhaps you just don’t know how to put key pieces together or how to accessorize them. She provides advice, but it will be up to you to decide what to keep in your wardrobe.

What if I really don’t like to shop?

You may dislike the shopping experience because you haven’t been able to find clothes that suit you. Maybe you’re tired of trying on many items that just don’t feel, fit or look right on you. Donna is here to help you find outfits that suit your budget, style, body shape and color preferences. I do the work so you don’t have to!

Can you help me choose appropriate colors?

Donna can definitely help you discover the colors look best on you and which shades to avoid. Narrowing your choices of flattering colors can make the shopping experience that much easier.

Don't Be Shy

If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.