Le Tote: Try an Outfit on Me for Free

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I am a huge fan of sustainability and simplicity. So, I believe renting clothing is genius. I have used Le Tote on and off since 2015. It is a great way to supplement your wardrobe with trendy or seasonal items that you may not want to invest in. I originally used it when I lived in New York and winter months drug on. As we all know, heavy knits and jackets can get costly and it can get pretty boring to wear the same items over seven, eight, or even nine dreary months. So, a service like this can help spice up your closet for a fraction of the price. 

Another great option is to use their service during your pregnancy and the months after while you transition into your postpartum shape. We all know how hard it can be to purchase clothing while our bodies are constantly changing during these times. So, why commit to items that we most likely don’t care for or properly fit into for more than a month anyway? And, let’s not forget that maternity clothes are not cheap. 

Le Tote is a month-to-month subscription that allows you to turn it on and off when you what to use it and you can choose how many pieces you may want that month and if you want accessories or not. I am currently not receiving accessories because jewelry is considered torture devices in my house thanks to my little guy.  So, I want to hook you ladies up with a FREE TOTE! You can click here to try them out and receive  3 clothing items and 2 accessories for 14-days  for FREE! 

If you guys want to sign up for the subscription, you can get another great discount with the former Ebates, Rakuten. Right now, they are offering $25 off! Now, I would say it is totally worth it. 

dblankstyle pinit_fg_en_rect_red_28 Le Tote: Try an Outfit on Me for Free Fashion  Sustainable Promotion Maternity Fashion

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