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Improve Your Team’s Productivity With Their Wardrobes

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to create a focused and confident workspace
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When you think of a fashion image consultant, you probably think of someone who can help you choose the right outfits to make up your wardrobe. While this is a common purpose for image consulting services, it isn’t the only one. Not only do businesses need to be concerned about their branding, such as their logo, slogan, mission statement, values and more, but they should also consider what their employees are wearing and how it reflects on your company as a whole. You can count on New York personal stylist Donna Blank’s experience in helping companies create an image their customers will come to trust.


”'You want to dress in a way that people trust you.”

-Andrew Jensen, Business Consultant of Sozo Firm in Pennsylvania

Help Your Employees Look Their Best

The way your company associates dress has an impact on how your customers view you. For this reason, we encourage you to support your employees in dressing smarter. We can train your existing employees in ways to choose the perfect attire to portray the message you want to send. We can also help you provide the same information to any new employees who join your team along the way. Some of the services we provide include:



Helping your sales team exude a sense of professionalism to increase sales


Creating a more professional appearance for your executives


Producing a uniform appearance among your client-facing personnel


Positively altering the look of those employees in the public eye or public relations

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“Dress is only one piece of culture, but it really shows employees where the company mind-set is.”

-Angie Diaz Medina, Director of Culture and Patient Experience at Baptist Health South Florida
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Experience All the Benefits

When you turn to dblankstyle, you will enjoy a long list of benefits image consulting services can provide in the corporate world. You will gain the advantage of:



Ensuring a positive reflection on your business


Maximizing the image potential of your employees


Creating a positive impression for better business relationships


Improving employee morale and confidence


Increasing motivation and professionalism


If you’re ready to upgrade the appearance and confidence of your team and ultimately the bottom line for your company, contact dblankstyle. As one of the best New York personal stylists, she will help you create the perfect image for your business.